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“VR Shopping Mall”

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작성일 2017.09.01
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The “VR Shopping Mall” where people can buy goods in a virtual reality world, will open for the first time during the Korea Sales Festa at the end of September.

The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy (MOCIE) announced that the ministry held a business agreement ceremony for the promotion of the Virtual Reality (VR) Shopping Mall Demonstration Project with affiliated organizations and participating companies at Seoul The Plaza Hotel on the same day.
The agreement was participated in by Lotte Department Store, Hyundai Department Store, E-Mart, LG Electronics, and Lotte Hi-Mart. They will sell various discounted products through the VR shopping mall, which will officially open during the Korea Sail Festa from September 28 to October 31.
In addition, traditional markets such as Dongdaemun and Jagalchi Markets and popular commercial districts such as Hongdae and Insa-dong will also participate in the event, enabling shoppers to enjoy and experience more diverse products in a virtual reality environment.
The VR shopping mall in which the industry participates jointly is the world's first attempt and will build a new milestone at a time when Amazon and other innovative companies are leading a paradigm shift in the distribution industry.

Industry and Energy (MOCIE) :산업 자원부announced: 알리다, 공고하다, 발표하다 agreement: 일치, 협정, Demonstration:, 데모, 시범 affiliated: 회원으로 가입시키다, companies: 동료 officially: 공무상addition: 추가 districts: 지구, 지역 jointly : 공동으로 milestone: 이정표, 마일 표, 획기적인 사건  innovative: 혁신적인, 쇄신적인, paradigm: 패러다임

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