3. 과학뉴스 과정

과학(SCI.TECH)뉴스 과정

Newstalk Science Course

국내외에서 이슈가 된 과학, 환경, 기술, 의료, 엔지니어링 등의 내용으로 강사와 토론 수업을 진행합니다.

과학 뉴스 과정

01 학습대상
  • · 과학에 대해 관심이 높은 분
  • · 과학, 엔지니어링, 컴퓨터, 로보틱
    등에 관심 있는 학생
  • · 전문적인 기사 내용으로 어휘력 및
    상식을 갖추고 싶으신 분
02 추천학습과정
주 5회 10분 / 20분 전화영어 6개월
03 학습교재
  • · 국내외에서 이슈가 되는 과학과
    관련된 기사들로 수업
    (과학, 미래과학, 기술, 환경, 의료,
    엔지니어링, 컴퓨터 등)
  • · 기사 음원 및 주요 표현, 예상질문
    등의 자료제공


- Science
내 문서


According to Charles Darwin’s theory, all living things have evolved in ways that would place them at an advantage for survival. Characteristics that are well suited to the environment are likely to be passed on while those that serve no significant purpose would be lost.
As we humans evolved, we have lost a lot of our thick facial hair, except eyebrows. Why do we still have them and why are they important?
The main function of eyebrows is to protect our eyes from rain, sweat, and sunlight. The arch shape allows water to divert around to the sides of our face and shields our eyes from the sun and dust. Eyebrows are very important because we humans rely heavily on our sight. Without them, we would get blurred vision in the rain or while sweating. We would also not have any protection under the sun or on a windy day.
If we did not have eyebrows, some scientists say that we may have developed other facial features, such as very long eyelashes or a protruding forehead that would do the same thing as eyebrows.
In addition to eye protection, eyebrows also take on another function: communication. We use our eyebrows to make various facial expressions that convey different meanings. For example, bringing eyebrows down and closer probably means that the person is annoyed or worried. On the other hand, people may raise their eyebrows when they are surprised.
Eyebrows also serve some aesthetic purposes. Some people—women and men—spend hours to style their eyebrows by trimming, plucking, and coloring. This is because eyebrows can make a lot of difference to people’s appearance. While there are individual differences, droopy eyebrows can make one look tired and dark eyebrows can make the eyes stand out.
* Talk!! Talk!!
1. What can you say about Charles Darwin’s theory? Explain your answer.
2. In your opinion, why do you think we have eyebrows?
3. Can you add some more importance/purpose of eyebrows. Discuss your answers.
4. Do you have any idea on how to modify your eyebrows? If yes, share it class. If no, would you like to experience some ways to modify your eyebrows?
5. Kindly explain, why eyebrows are a major feature in defining the face.
  • - 토픽의 key expression을 보고 주요 표현 및 단어를 미리 숙지
  • - 음원을 이용하여 토픽을 청취하고 받아쓰기함으로써 내용을 이해
  • - 예습 교안을 통해 질문 및 토론 내용에 대해 자신의 생각을 미리 정리
  • - 외국인 강사와의 1:1 수업진행
  • - 주어진 질문들에 대해 자신의 의견을 영어로 표현하고 토픽을 주제로 대화를 진행
  • - 녹취파일을 들으면서 발음/억양/강세/연음에 유의하고 선생님의 코멘트를 다시 소리내어 읽어봄
  • - 토픽의 주요 표현 및 단어를 다시 암기함